What does everyone drive now while waiting for these to arrive?

I've got an Audi Q7 and I can't wait to get back into a pick up truck.

Sticking a supercharger in a family SUV definitely makes it more fun than most bulbous cross-overs out there. But it is still a cross-over that lacks a two speed transfer case, real cargo capability, and genuine off-road chops.
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I have a 21 Tahoe RST as a family vehicle at the moment. I was gonna buy the 21 Trail Boss for myself, but once I saw they were making a ZR2 that Trail Boss went on the back burner.
2004 Silverado LS. 151,000 miles and still strong. My dad bought it new in 04. Still in the family.
'07 Nissan Frontier LE, crew cab, long (std) bed, 94k miles on it. I've been mod'ing it to perform better off road, suspension lift, extended travel lines, KO2s, white knuckle sliders...
Best thing about the ZR2 is it already has the off road mods PLUS a factory warranty! On top of that it's already got front AND rear lockers!
This will be my first full size, so it will end up being the family travel vehicle, but I don't mind since I'm hoping it'll help get them out on the trail with me!

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