What does everyone drive now while waiting for these to arrive?

This is what I’m driving for the next few weeks. Love the big rig but it has the 7.3 gas v8 and not the 6.7 diesel, which makes it a real pig.

Ordered my Z a few months ago. Hopefully gets here at the end of August.

Trading in my 2005 Tacoma. Still looks and runs great. Only 110,000 miles (I work close to home). I'm ready to treat myself to a full-size with up-to-date tech and I'm just not feeling the new Tundra.

On weekends I'll break out my 2011 CTS-V coupe. Full-bolt on, cam, pulleys, e85...


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Drive my wife's Model X usually until the truck arrives


My part-time car... my daily was a 2021 Ford Explodition, the one that catches on fire randomly, flings the wiper arms off in the rain, and drops the transmission to neutral under heavy acceleration and then slams it back into drive just before someone rear ends you... I traded it for the ZR2. The fire safety recall on the Expedition covers almost the entire 2021 model year of Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators for spontaneous thermal events - they can catch fire with the engine on or off, so you can't park it in your garage, next to your home or any other structure. Not why I had an $80K+ King Ranch SUV...
2021 LT Trail Boss with 6.2L. Love it, but want the new interior, lol. I attached a picture of it parked at my girlfriends apartment during Snowvid in San Antonio, TX last year……just for humor. 😁


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2014 Subaru Forrester XT which doesn't merit a picture. But my zr2 order has a build week of 12/5 so I can finally post in this thread. Can't wait!
I really like them. looks like the same design as the back steps. what bed cover you rocking? thanks in advance!
I have had these on a Wrangler I owned previously. Some of my favorite steps. If the ZR2 didn't already have steps on it from the dealer, these would have been the ones to go on.

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