ZR2 2022 Orders Beware - Sitting in Field for Months


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Nov 2, 2022
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Also posted on Tahoe forum but since @GearheadSS had been so gracious to track my order, I feel this could benefit ya'll too.

My 2022 Tahoe 3.0 was built in May of 2022 and finally was able to take delivery 2 weeks ago. Sitting in Texas for the last 7 months I had my worries about the paint condition and tires (flat spots). My concerns were validated upon delivery.

-Paint was already swirled from being washed with all the dirt and plenty of hard spots - see BadPaint.jpeg
-3 inch bird crap burn on the roof - see birdpoop.jpeg
-Thumping and shimmy at 45-80 mph.

Purchasing dealer offered to buff the paint, I didn't want them to make things worse and took it some someone that actually knows paint and does high end ceramic coatings on everything from $300k boats to Lambos. Still waiting on the solution for the roof paint. It was my coating guy that found it. Was a PDI even done on this?

Purchasing dealer rebalanced tires and sent me on my way saying the thump and shimmy was gone. Clearly wasnt so I took it to another dealer down the road. Other dealer quickly identified all 4 tires failed a road force test. Spec is under 23 for said test, some were as high as 70! 4 new tires (warranty) and I finally have a smooth ride.

Moral of the story for those that have been waiting for your vehicle sitting in the Texas field for months. Demand new tires and a flawless paint job on delivery.

Also posted a photo after 25 hours of paint correction and ceramic coating. Looks great now.


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Yep this is a fact. My original order was built back in May. It sat in Mexico until a couple weeks ago. It's on its way to the dealer now with a ETA of Dec 28. The idea that a brand new vehicle was sitting in a long term storage lot out in the elements for 6 months IMO means it's not new now. I'm glad i went a different route because even with a good discount I don't think I'd want it.

Atleast if something sits at a dealership it gets washed regularly and moved around some. I'm sure everyone has seen pictures online of these storage lots packed with vehicles waiting on chips. They are just parked in a field to rot until they are ready to complete them.

Wasn't it Ford who ended up scraping 100s of vehicles because mice chewed up all the wiring in them? Lol 😬

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