ZR2 Meets

I'd be down for westish / middleish. Currently in AZ and rig at dealership for last 3 weeks after driving 1 day with it :D
Well that will make 4 stops. Next thing you know we will be like the GM power tour
Well looks like we need an adult to coordinate all the stops lol
I'm from Michigan and in like Flynn for anywhere as far as Moab, UT for west coast. Mid, or East Coast I'm in as well. Pic for reference (super fun time) from my Jeep days during 3 EJS events in Moab, UT.


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I'm an unqualified adult but I guess we have to start somewhere.

I'm able to plan around anything within a 2 weeks advance notice but we can push any meet out to accommodate.

We can do west coast, moab, Colorado and 2 other spots on the est coast.

I can host the Colorado meet

@MNNJR69 can host the MOAB meet.

3 other spots open.

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