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Nov 14, 2022
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Beverly, MA
Anyone on here have experience with getting with a lemon and getting Chevy to trade or buy it back? I am in Massachusetts and my truck just spent a month in the shop for a faulty torque converter. Now that I have it back the transmission is squealing under accelerating and deceleration. I am dropping it off again Monday, but I am out of patience and would just rather them trade or buy it back at this point. I don't even have 2500 miles on this truck and its going back to the dealer for a third time.
I started a case with GM and they pointed me to BBB Auto Line to start the arbitration process, but I dont know if it would be wiser to start with a lawyer, or if its overkill.
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I have but in the state of California.
I recall the agent from GM saying that California is a consumer friendly state.
The process here was easy dont know about your state of residence sorry.
Just a few calls, pictures and an appointment at a dealership to turn in vehicle.
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No experience with it! However, if your dealer won't work with you, see if another dealer will.

You need to speak with GM Customer Assistance. One way to get a quick response is to @ them on Twitter or other social media. I've seen other people get quick responses once you go "public".

Best of luck, no fun to have this happen with a new truck.

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