Dark Essentials Pack on constraint

What's you build status event code?

I just found out mine was 3300-Scheduled for Production!
So I'm curious, because I was told the DE package was on constraint as well, and that it could be ordered/installed after the truck comes in. The DE package says that it includes front bowtie, and either back bowtie or Chevrolet lettering depending on the tailgate selected, and black 2500 on the doors. I've seen some pics and videos of trucks recently delivered and it looks like all ZR2's are getting black bowties front and back even WITHOUT the DE package.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I like the look of the DE package, but if all I'm getting is black "2500" badges on the doors, for $550 I think I'm going to pass. That's a lot of coin for different colored plastic letters, and could always just remove the chrome ones.
You get black badges except grill bowtie and hood Duramax/Allison badges. If you look at the GM inventory site, you can see it in the photos and it's listed on window stickers.

If you order the Bison Package, you get dark essentials except chrome fender ZR2 badge. However, if you get Bison package and order dark essentials you get black fender ZR2 badge for $550.

Rear black bowtie only applied to multiflex tailgate. I'll remove mine because I don't like it anyway.

For $10 and 30 minutes you can Plasti Dip them. I've had it last 9 years on my Duramax grill bowtie


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Got it thanks. I guess I was getting confused by the gray/red pre-production trucks that are all over the internet. They had black door badging but still had standard ZR2 badging.

I have been bothering my salesman for 3 months to get me a black SILVERADO tag. The maintenance guys were cleaning out some drawers and found one.

I used fishing line to remove the chrome tag. A little adhesive remover, cleaned up with rubbing alcohol. Used a small level to get them straight. Very easy swap. Before and after pics….


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I just heard from James at Moran Chevy and he said that the pack was on constraint. So I dropped it, to get the order accepted. No big deal, as it can be added later.
I was told the same by my dealer so I just dropped it as well. You can actually do it yourself cheaper than the package anyway.
Dudes out there pontificating dark essentials...........UAW saying "how about steering wheels are those essential"......"too bad you can't have one until you pony up +40% pay and -1 workday"

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