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Mar 6, 2023
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Granite Falls Washington
Does anyone have the code used for updating the DIC picture from a LTZ to a ZR2? I went to the dealer yesterday and as they did the fog light update and also the radio update ( didn't work still cuts out! ) and just like I figured they told me the Silverados are 'all the same' and that's as far as it went...
I know I read a thread here about this issue and I think some have had success?!
Pictures of the actual DIC would be really cool along with the update code!
23-NA-035 Instruments Cluster update

The file below tells the dealership tech how to preform the update.
I just read the bulletin, it doesn't give the option to pick the desired displayed truck, I'm guessing it gets that info from the VIN?
I'd still like a photo of the ZR2 displayed so I can show the service dude that no, 'they are not all the same' !!
Was able to grab a quick one, 2022 Silverado ZR2.


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Thanks for the picture!
Curious, after start up is the truck in the middle of the tach a ZR2 or LTZ?
A picture of that would be fantastic!
It’s a ZR2. After the update a different vehicle might show up though, my service advisor caught it and it was adjusted. I would mention that just in case.
Here are the “official DIC” pictures.

Not from my truck, as my OCD can’t deal with two totally different splash screens.
Maybe if I take these update instructions in the won’t try to charge me $80 to search for the update and then $80 to update 😑.
That DIC would look great with Toyo 35s and Method -18 offset wheels!

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