Fullscreen Carplay on a Refresh


May 15, 2022
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Detroit, Michigan
Similar to the title - has anyone heard of this?

Stolen from a Reddit Post but I wasn't even aware android auto users always had this functionality and apple folks do not. The products mentioned for this to work seem questionable. Wondering if anyone else has a better solution. Would be nice to utilize the giant screen we paid for :)


  1. "You need a device called an MGears MStick 3.This device is similar to AI boxes but it uses android auto rather than Carplay to be visible on our screens. This is better because android auto gets fullscreen on our trucks where Carplay is cropped.
  2. Second device needed is a CarlinKit CarPlay Dongle. These are for android based headunits to allow Carplay.
  3. Install the APK that the CarlinKit needs to work and voila I am running Carplay in fullscreen via the MStick 3 which is using Android Auto on our trucks."
Wish they would just patch the radio to allow this to work already.

I have one of those boxes (not the one mentioned, different china brand) but have not been able to get it to work on the refresh for full screen. The one I have is a pain to use as you have to disable bluetooth on the phone for the factory radio and connect to the box where the box will bluetooth to the truck. I prefer to just connect straight to the radio... sorry for the long reply, i needed to vent haha.
In my experience with full screen CarPlay in these trucks, (due to an unrelated issue with the “card” screen just disappearing from the radio)

It will stretch to the whole screen but the resolution doesn’t increase. Resulting in horrible image quality

CarPlay outputs in specific resolution. This is supposedly improving in future releases aka CarPlay 2 to support these stupidly large screens in modern vehicles.
My android auto does not go full screen. I wish it did. I'd be interested in how this works. I also have one of those China boxes that stays plugged in and in my center console. When I'm sitting in the truck waiting on my kids, ect. I just switch over to the China box so I can watch Netflix, YouTube, ect on the truck screen. But it doesn't do full screen, same as my android auto with my phone doesn't.
Since we are talking about Apple CarPlay, is there anyway to make the "3D" view more 3D? ie, make it angle down more so I can see further out? Ive recently started to actually prefer the Google maps purely because of this.

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