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How did you get the front headrest off of the Silverado ? Rears are no problem they just slid out.
I sent mine to Jim at 42 Stitches. Just got them back yesterday. They look great.

Make sure you insure them when sending them. He does on the way back to you. He bundles the shipping back to you cost on his invoice. I shipped USPS. His order form allows you to pick the carrier back. He shipped them to me signature required. Makes it difficult when you home hit and miss. I ended up having the local post office hold them and I picked them up there.


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Yep I want that… I don’t understand why there is NOTHING interior wise that has ZR2 on it from the factory
Got mine all ready for shipment a empty case of whiskey works best…….if you need help emptying a case give me a PM lmao. Can’t wait to see them in place

Jim at 42 stitches sent me a picture of my finished head rest. Just waiting on them to show up. Looks like he did a great job and he is very assessable, and will answer any questions that you have.

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