Modify ZR2 DRLs from white to yellow/amber?


Jun 15, 2023
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Has anyone figured out how to do a mod to change the front white daytime running lights to yellow/amber? The yellow/amber LEDs are already in the housing as they come on for hazards and turnsignal use of course...

I would like to make my DRLs a steady yellow instead of the white. I like the yellow/amber look better for DRLs.

Someone figured out or done this mod?
Some people have added amber film to fogs, but that doesn't allow for changing colors back and forth.
I added the film to my DRL and fogs. Still waiting for an aftermarket company to make upgraded fogs for these trucks. Would really like a brighter amber for snow/fog driving, but none seem to be interested in making them this far
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It would be nice to have fully programmable lights
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Those prices aren't typical, but in the western US there are plenty of stretches where you might be 100 miles between fuel sources. So these rural prices can get expensive. I used 87 on that fill up, because I figured the chances of getting good 93 wasn't great anyway.
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Another little “mod” I would like the aftermarket to come out with is full power DRL’s when headlights or fogs are enabled.

Pretty dumb that in order to get the grill lights to be on you have to have the DRL’s in “night” mode.

Maybe something Boost auto will develop.
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Are these items tunable through the PCM? Or it is a different computer that controls the functions of these lights?

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