Ohmaha Nebraska ZR2s


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Feb 21, 2023
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Anybody looking for a 2500HD ZR2 might want to contact Sid Dillon Chevrolet in Blair, Nebraska, just north of Omaha. I know nothing about this dealer, but they have about 20 trucks in inventory or transit. There's a few more in Omaha. Seems like you might be able to negotiate.

They have a bunch showing for sure . My Dealer sells Chevy and GMC they have gotten one allocation for a ZR2 HD and one for a AT4X HD I got the ZR2 Allocation for my order that I placed in September and got allocated at the end of October I get to pick it up Monday . There is 2 other dealers fairly close by as well I have yet to see one show in inventory for them either . I’m on the East coast in VA if I do search inventory on chevy site it’s about 50 that shows in 250 mile radius.
Yeah, it seems like there are plenty in the system. Maybe they are still primarily customer orders.

I know once they started rolling of the line and I was waiting for mine, that Sid Dillion dealer always has shown several in their inventory. I'm sure they sell a lot of trucks to the farm boys in rural Nebraska, but that's a lot of ZR2s for one dealer. Seems like allocations for them aren't an issue.
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