Paint over spray new 2023 coming into California


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Jan 24, 2023
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Just leased a 23 ZR2 but it came with alot of paint overspray and scratched up windshield/windows. Dealer is offering to fix everything or cancel the transaction with full refund. They claim all the ZR2s coming into California have been having these issues lately, supposedly being damaged during transport.
Same thing happened with mine!! I just picked mine up a bit over a week ago, fine white overspray over the entire truck. Dealer took it back in and had the entire thing clay barred for me to fix the issue.
When I sold for Ford in WY we'd occasionally get damaged vehicles from transport, typically on the roof. Once we had several break loose in the freight car and the front and back of about 10 new units were all damaged. Also in the WY is notorious for getting "Chinook" winds that would kick up dirt and chip the paint and glass on a regular basis. I work in a body shop now, easy way for overspray removal in just a few seconds is paint thinner on a microfiber cloth after you wash the vehicle. Wipes right off pretty easy.
I am in California and my truck doesn't have any of these issues. However mine is a '22 so maybe it is a new thing.

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