Standard Tailgate Will Not Open


Mar 5, 2023
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Fort Mill, SC
Today while dropping off stuff to Goodwill I could not get the tailgate to open. Every button I pressed (fob, interior, tailgate) had the chime and the app gave me a failed message. Tried again when I got home still no luck and when I tried it one more time before going to the dealership it opened. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I've read where the toneau cover might cause this but mine does not rest tight on the tailgate. In the event this occurs again is there a way to manually open the tailgate?
My original ZR2 had this problem. I found that applying linear pressure at the top of the tailgate allowed it to unjam. It happened a couple of times after that, only when using the auto-up button, it would latch into place in a weird position and get jammed. Try sitting on top of the tailgate and then attempting to open.

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