What’s everyone paying?

Anything MSRP is not fair ;)
It evens out though.
2024 z06 msrp.
2024 bison 2500hd msrp.
2022 TRX 12k under msrp
2021 hellcat superstock 3k under msrp
2021 gt500 2k under msrp.
I called around and the trucks I did find for sale were 5-10k over msrp for the package I got. So I figured msrp was fair considering the truck I got.
Something has to go but it's a tough choice. Probably the trx but that's tough because it's just a bad ass truck. Or the gt500. Never selling the hellcat.
I've had good luck finding good deals on the tough ones. Best so far was a msrp deal on a 2024 z06 level 3 loaded. I know people have pd 50k over on those.
Is just seen the cab over unless your keeping when your mother in law comes to visit.

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