37's on my 2024 zr2 bison 2500hd.


Feb 10, 2024
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Just got these nitto 37's installed and so far I can not make them rub in any circumstance! Truck looks so much better now. This is how the truck should of came!!! I did 1 full turn on the front torsion bar just for extra insurance but they didn't rub even before that.
Air down to 25 psi and report back with how much rubbing you get on the UCAs.
Air down to 25 psi and report back with how much rubbing you get on the UCAs.
I have a bunch of clearance there now at 40 psi. Is this a issue area? I have atleast 1 inch minimum.
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I don't know for sure. I put on Toyo MT 37x13.50R18 and it barely cleared the UCA with steering static and full lock. I figured if I dropped down to below 30 psi it would squat and rub and also flex to much in off camber situations. I will run 15 psi in soft sand in the dunes. Sometimes run 30 psi on desert and forest roads when hunting and fishing to smooth out the ride.

I was planning on going to a 0 or -12 offset wheel, but there aren't many options for 8 lug wheels in 18 inch rims. May have to go to 20 inch wheels.

37s definitely look good.on this rig!


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Those 13.5 toyos look great but are very wide, they run wider than some other 13.5 tires I've had. A 12.5 is probably the correct size for this truck and not have issues. They should have come with a 37, they look funny imo with a 35.
Yeah, part of my objective was a wider stance. With 37s, I like the proportions of the 13.5s. I will likely end up with a wider rim with compatible offset. I really like the Bison wheels, so disappointed to not be able to run them.
AXE, my 2008 duramax with 38's would rub the control arm so I did a 1/4 inch spacer and found a lug stud the was 3/8 inch longer I pressed into the bearing and it fixed my problems.
Which Nittos did you go for? There are slight differences in overall diameter.
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I've always liked the Mickey Thompson tires. I've never run them, but if I didn't like Toyos so much, that's what I'd run. I've run a couple sets of Nittos, that were pretty good. They just didn't seem to be as good towing heavy (12-14k lbs) for me. You wouldn't think the Toyo MTs with those big lugs would tow good, but they did. The Toyo RT Trails tow good too. I did a 1600 mile trip at about 12k lbs and I was very happy with them.
Truck and tires look awesome! I'm guessing you leveled the front end?
No, I did not level it. Only thing I did was crank bars 1 turn and that didn't really raise the front maybe 1/4 inch. These trucks take a 37 easy with plenty of room. Has to be a 12.5 or you will have issues touching upper control arm.
The 25 or 26 bison will have a 37 according to a gm rep I spoke with.

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