6.2L Engine replacement


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Oct 28, 2023
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Las Vegas, NV
At 12,082 miles, the engine in my 2022 Silverado needs to be replaced. My local Chevy dealer isn’t telling me much so I’m reaching out to the ZR2 community to see if this is a known issue and what the specific failure might be.
I was driving on the local freeway at about 70mph and it was as though someone flipped off a switch to the engine. It immediately went into neutral and I coasted over to the shoulder. When the vehicle stopped it went into park.
After I tried to restart the engine, the Driver Info Screen just went black and nothing happened. The biggest drawback to these electronic shifters is it is impossible to get the vehicle into neutral and it had to be dragged onto a flatbed truck to move it to the dealer.
Two days later, the service rep called and said a new engine would be needed. As of now, it should be ready tomorrow.
Could be a lifter, But typically you get codes than knocking, ect. With it running fine and than just turning off like a light switch could be something else. I'd be curious what they say. Plus side getting a whole new engine is about the best case. Seems like the guys that have a lifter failure and just get new lifters. Often end up back in the shop sooner or later. Few videos online from mechanics explaining why they really should be going further into the motor more after a lifter failure. Lot's of other stuff can be out of spec in the engine and just swapping a lifter bank isn't really a proper long term fix. I've wondered if noticed a knock one day. If it would be a shut down and call a tow instantly or "find" a proper place to shut it off at 😅
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I had a 6.2 on my 2020 Silverado LTZ that the main crank bearing went out at 32,000 miles and needed the engine replaced. Took 6 weeks and the dealer gave me a brand new High Country to use in those 6 weeks. Thankfully it was all covered under warranty and the new engine was covered to 100,000 miles. Thankfully also this was my work truck and not my own. They replaced the engine, radiator, and oil cooler too.
What was the out come if you wouldn’t mind sharing I’m going through this now with the oil pan but am wondering what the next steps will be

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