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Apr 7, 2022
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Colorado Springs
I'm going to be that guy since this is the first forum I've seen where this question hasn't been posted.

....Oil...What is your "go to" oil and why? Feel free to throw in whatever other tid bits of info you'd like such as frequency.

I usually always change at 5k miles, full synthetic. Never had a Silverado, mines in route now. But have had Ram, Toyota, and two 2nd Gen Raptors. I found it strange that Chevy calls for 0W-20. That's the same as my wife's Outback. Guess it works though. I'm guessing it's for fuel milage. I typically use Amsoil (some love it or think it's a waste...whatever) or lately have been using Pennzoil Ultra Platinum.

So since this will get asked eventually...over and over and over, here's the start. 1, 2, 3 fight....I mean discuss.
I always use 0w20 Penzoil Platinum with either a Mobile 1 or a Wix XP filter. I changed my oil at 1,500 3,000 and 7,000 miles. From there I will do it every 5,000. As long as the oil is 0w20 and has the dexos 1 stamp on it, you should be good.
I’ve used M1 EP in everything from lawn mowers to vehicles for a very long time.

Viscosity is as recommended at least in this truck.

As far as “why” it’s factory fill for GM high performance vehicles, Porsche, AMG, Bentley and others.

Not to say any other “super premium” oil is inferior, I go by what the big boys use. And that’s M1

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