Lockers failed me.


Aug 29, 2023
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So I was at the Oregon Dunes Rec area on new years eve. I was waiting in a line of Jeeps to climb a steep dune. I popped the truck into nuetral and shifted into 4 Low and tried to engage the front and rear lockers. It failed and popped the Service Axle Lockers code on the DIC. Wierd thing is the front and rear locker button stayed depressed. I had to back up and take an easy line out embarrassed and red faced. After some messing around I could get the rear axle only to lock and it would stay on for different amounts of time before turning off and popping the Service Axle Code. Bummed it ruinned my whole trip and lost the opportunity to show them Jeepers what a Chevy could do. Truck has 14K miles on it and I have taken it to Moab and used the lockers with no issued previously. I guess its off to the dealer for repair.

Update** Got my truck back from the dealer. The Service Axle Locker code was triggered from a bad locker switch in the dash. The dealer ordered the part and it came in 2 days later. All fixed up and they updated my DIC with the ZR2 splash screen and graphics for free. Big thanks to Tyler the service manager at Carr Chevrolet in Beaverton, Oregon.
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I've had that message come across the dic alot but most of the time it flashes so fast I can't even read the words. I would like to take in and have it looked at but I think it's a waste of time until the message stays on for longer than 1/2 a second

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