Order at dealer to GM acceptance time

They seem sturdier to me after comparing at a local dealer, they cost much less (more $ to redirect), they look great, they are pretty fail safe (no power). I'm not really concerned about serious off road clearance.
I loved my nerf style steps on my previous trucks. I also think they give you more protection on the sides. I think they make the truck look a little tougher.

I like my AMP steps too, especially now that I'm older and slower, the extra drop on the steps makes it easier on me......LOL.......AARP is really spamming the shit out of my mailbox too, AMP must have shared my info with them.
SWEET! Congrats. What exactly did you order?
Thanks! Pretty basic. Red Hot, gasser with just one option - multi-flex and I even went back and forth on that. Oh, and trailer TPMS too. I considered tech package but I don't use the adaptive cruise or HUD in my wife's Yukon at all. I love the camera mirror so I hacked it in my 2020 Trail Boss 6.2 1500 and I have the parts ready for this truck because I took them back off. My goal was keeping it under 70k so I can pay cash. MSRP is just under 73k and I have enough GM points to get me under 70k plus whatever discount after that. Ends up less than most LTZ or High County or even some well-optioned LT's I have seen.

Trucks at the dealer. Pick it up tomorrow.

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