RESOLVED - Problem accessing myChevrolet app


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Jun 14, 2022
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Has anyone run into a problem getting connected to the myChevrolet app? I'm using the email and phone number set up in my owner center account, and when I sign into the app it says it need to send me a dual factor authentication code to my email or my cell phone - but the code never comes to either place. I've talked to OnStar 3 different times, they've opened a case with GM, and I've been told everything from wait 24 hours to get a new email address and phone number (NFW)... I love the truck but this is really beginning to piss me off.
Finally got it resolved this morning. Apparently the OnStar advisor that set me up didn't spell my email address correctly in their system, and didn't link my truck to the account.

Talked to two different OnStar advisors this morning that were great, shout out to Katie and Courtney for resolving the problem!


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