2022 ZR2 vs 2023 LZ0 AT4 test drive impressions.


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May 21, 2022
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So my local GMC dealer just got a 2023 LZ0 3.0 diesel AT4 in. I wanted to see how it compared to the 6.2 so I took it out for a test drive. The engine was noticeably louder than the 1st gen 3.0 I have driven in my neighbors truck, not that it's a bad thing. I really couldn't hear any turbo whistle, more of just diesel clatter. The power is good, and definitely better than the 1st gen, but no where near what the 6.2 has. I would take it any day over a 5.3, but for me, the 6.2 is still king.
As for the AT4 itself, I really prefer the layout of the silverado interior. The screen is just too low in the dash, I didn't like the new center console lid or the placement of the trailer brake controller. The ride....well that was the biggest shocker to me. It was awful! I must have gotten spoiled in the ZR2. It was bouncing all over, and felt like a 2500HD compared to the ZR2. The dssv shocks really do an amazing job at soaking up just about anything you throw at them. Honestly it will be very hard for me to go back to a truck without them. They really are that good. After the test drive I got back in my ZR2, and thought...this is one bad a** truck!
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