295/70r/18 will fit stock?

i have a rough country 1.5” leveling kit and nitto recons at 295/70/18 on stock rims. no rubbing whatsoever.
So I have the same question that someone mentioned earlier...

I am running 17x8 methods with a tire size of 285/75/17. Zero rub. I have attached a screenshot with a tire size calculator pitting it against a 295/70/18. I want to get a bigger / taller tire without having to do a lift or use spacers. Anyone fit a 315/70/17? lol

Mainly because I do offroad it alot and I am afraid of going bigger with stock suspension, I wont be able to climb without rubbing. Photos and video of recent trips to Anza, CA.
What offset are your wheels?
I have the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 295/70R 18 (24.5”) on mine. Doesn’t even try to rub and looks better. Quieter and better ride as far as I can tell.
You mention the ride is better as far as you can tell. Curious if the M/T's are a softer E rated tire then the KO2's I went with. I definitely noticed a little more harshness over bumps with the E rated tire vs the C rated stock Goodyears.

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