How can I see when the zr2 is no longer in v8 mode?


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Oct 15, 2023
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In my old '16 sierra, if I put my cluster on a specific screen (the MPG one if I recall correctly), it'd tell me when my truck is running in V8, V4 modes.

How do I see this in the zr2? Where do I see the engine modes running?

I am deaf, I won't be able to hear it but I want to see when it's happening.
You can’t unfortunately. In the updated motors, the variation is continuous from 1 up to 8 cylinders and anything in between.
Thanks, that's a bummer IMO.

Really wonder if it actually saves fuel consumption compared to leaving on V8 all the way.
When we had all the chip shortages, there was a decent stretch where GM was shipping trucks with the AFM/DFM system disabled. It was long enough they actually had revised MPG numbers on their site (it was specifically a table with and without AFM/DFM) and it was 1 MPG across all the models. Which means, really minimal given those are averages, etc.

Given the increased cost of the truck, increased manufacturing of parts/electronics, complexity of parts, lifter failures, etc that system brings to the table, I doubt it saves anything but must make someone feel good about themselves and check some government box.

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